Frequently Asked Questions

How does Powerade ION4 work?

Powerade ION4 is a still isotonic sports drink, developed in collaboration with sports scientists. It contains sodium whicyh you lose in sweat, plus a combination of carbohydrates, to rapidly replenish the fuel your body uses during exercise. To find out more, visit the ION4 page

Does Powerade ION4 only work for elite athletes?

Anyone engaging in prolonged endurance exercise would benefit from using an isotonic sports drink such as Powerade ION4, whether they are exercising in cold or warm weather conditions.

Powerade ION4 contains a combination of carbohydrates to rapidly supply fuel to the working muscles, and to help sustain performance levels during prolonged high-intensity training sessions (lasting more than 60 minutes) and competition events.

In addition, for lighter training sessions or low-intensity gym workouts lasting less than 60 minutes, Powerade has introduced Powerade Zero. Find out more by visiting the hydration and performance page.

Why do you need a sports drink? Can’t you just drink water?

Scientific research has shown that drinking only water during or after intensive exercise is not ideal, as it stimulates high urine flow and reduces the drive to drink. Powerade ION4 contains both sodium, which is lost in sweat, and carbohydrates. In combination, these help your body absorb fluid more effectively from the stomach into the bloodstream. And because Powerade ION4’s isotonic, it’s balanced with your body fluids, so it’s absorbed at an optimal rate.

Find out more by visiting the Water is Not Enough page.

Does Powerade have sweeteners in it?

Yes. You can find a full list of ingredients at Coca-Cola Ireland and information about our sweeteners by visiting the Health section of Coca-Cola UK.

How many calories are in Powerade?

All of our nutritional information for Powerade ION4, including the number of calories, can be found at Coca-Cola Ireland.

Does Powerade contain artificial colours?

Yes, and they are labelled on the product. As with all our ingredients, the colours we use are approved as safe by European regulators, following rigorous scientific testing. Find out more at Coca-Cola Ireland.